The Incomplete Contents of Table, with Marianna Maruyama, k.g. Guttman & friends, Nov20-Jan17

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Clearing the table, but not the content. A conventional table of contents is usually written after the content has been decided upon. Our table is incomplete, it precedes the content, and it’s without a timeline – belonging to the future as much as it does to the past and present. Marianna Maruyama will offer a few works and studies configured for Klupko, and attend to the contents that already are and those to come. It is no coincidence that traces of  performance Surface Rising, the five opening days with k.g. Guttman, will also be on view. Surface Rising is now ongoing and it is fully booked.

You can visit The Incomplete Contents of Table from 20th November till 17th January, Friday to Sunday from 1-6 pm.

The current Klupko situation is in Da Costabuurt in Amsterdam. You will receive ‘how to arrive’ details upon mailing:

The third Klupko encounter is coming soon: Screening in Memory of a Filmmaker (c.a.), introduced by Maurizio Buquicchio in conversation with Lore Gablier, date not fixed.

We hope to see you around Klupko this time or sometime soon!


Igor, Goeun, Marianna & k.g

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