Time Dispossessed: C.A., with Maurizio Buquicchio & Lore Gablier, February 14




After the performance (Surface Rising, with k.g. Guttman) and the exhibition (The Incomplete Contents of Table, with Marianna Maruyama, k.g. Guttman & friends) Klupko follows a thread, whose fibers are held together by the choice, or the necessity of reimagining cultural practice in a transitional work-life environment and an intuitive interpersonal dialectic.

On Sunday February 14th, Klupko is pleased to invite you to the shared time, talk and screening of Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, by Chantal Akerman (1975, 3h 21min).

The day will start at 11 am with a short introduction by Maurizio Buquicchio and Lore Gablier, followed by the screening. After that we will have one hour and a half to go out of the confined projection space, to spend time differently and possibly ruminate on film. Once returned, we will have a talk with the possibility for anyone to use text, clips or images that they believe could add some elements to the discussion.

Please note the number of seats is limited – do let us know if you are coming: klupkorooms@gmail.com.

The current Klupko situation is in Da Costabuurt in Amsterdam. More details will follow after your confirmation mail.

Chantal Akerman often questioned about her use and representation of time in her films and installations, in different occasions stated: “All you have is time. In my films you are aware of every second passing by. Through your body. You are facing yourself… You’re face to face with the Other. It’s from this crucial face-to-face that your sense of responsibility begins… That’s my idea of ethics. It’s why I want equality, always, between the image and the spectator. Or the passage from one unconscious toward the other.”

The filmmaker’s production always dealt controversially with the relationship between the subject and the physical and social space surrounding it. The feeling of estrangement and, at the same, time sheer presence conveyed by her films, her truly experimental approach, rigorous and yet unconstrained by the dogmatic principles of movements or manifestos, have contributed to sketch the elusive figure of an artist impossible to ascribe to a simplistic critical framework. This is why this encounter will not have the presumption of defining Chantal Akerman, or build the foundations of a mausoleum to her memory, with a mere homage to her work. Through the vision of Jeanne Dielman we will discuss her figure, her work and how they might relate to our own cultural practices.

We hope to see you around Klupko this time or sometime soon!
Maurizio, Lore, Igor & Goeun

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