Rootprints, with Mahmoud Bakhshi & Christine Moldrickx

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The new Klupko encounters welcome Mahmoud Bakhshi and Christine Moldrickx to  abdicate our domestic dominion once again: making room for guests, those most elusive of beings who come – between us – to be at home.

The current exhibition with Mahmoud and Christine is situated in Da Costabuurt in Amsterdam.
It is open from 10 May-12 June, from Monday to Sunday, 1-6 pm.
You will receive details on ‘how to arrive’ upon mailing your visiting date and time to:


Rootprints consider both very elusive and very proximate – ghostly –  relationships. It is on the occasion of this ghostly other that “I” catch sight of “me”; or “we” catch sight of “us” at an unknown time and place.

Mahmoud Bakhshi employs a “reversed blow-up” to retrace the curious found footage of motionless workers in the forest, lost in history and now here again, leading us to the ‘nowhere’ of an interpersonal space. Christine Moldrickx joins us with a few interventions, as starting point, the print of her father and his father standing motionless on their family’s acre. Other prints are ‘holding’ the snippets with words, collected and forgotten in-between translations, in their anarchic state re-entering language – forest containing all the roots.

During our talks we have referred to Klupko’s bookshelves, while our working title is derived from Hélène Cixous’ book Rootprints, Memory and Life Writing. As an extra reference we have watched and decided to include the video Lost Village. This work considers Igor Sevcuk’s family expedition into the woods of Bosnia, in search for the spot where the found footage – a photograph of a church community from the beginning of the previous century – was taken.

In the resulting network of rootprints the manifold other is resonating within us. It is our friend, lover, co-traveler, or a presence from the region of nowhere: from the everywhere of thought. Not only are we in space, but also in time, collecting and recollecting what no longer is present, anticipating what is not yet.


Parallel to the exhibition in the Klupko’s base, during the months of May and June we will organize a few excursions and interventions with artist friends at our Bijlmer garden. This will entail follow-ups at Klupko’s house too: stay tuned!

We hope to see you at Klupko sometime soon,
Mahmoud, Christine, Igor & Goeun

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