hosting the m/other voices: field trip #12

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HOSTING the M/OTHER VOICES: Field Trip #12

date: 5 July, 2016 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ time: 7pm _ _ _ _ _ _ place: klupkorooms / amsterdam


The m/other voices are a base for critical reflection on how the two different modes of labor – that of mothering and that of participating in the art world – co-exist in ones daily life and the strategies implied within. The Field Trips are informal gatherings based on mutual exchange and engagement, through which a common vocabulary and a collective understanding of contemporary sociopolitical issues related to art- and maternal labor can be built upon. One of the tasks for the Field Trip participants has been to reflect on their art practice from an axis between their mothering labor and their art production labor. The presentations can take form in various ways and up to now they have included performance, sculptural installation, re-enactments, presentation of archives, talks and more.


Field Trip #12

Shira Richter is a feminist artist, independent scholar and artivist. She is the director of an award winning adventure film ‘Two States of Mind’ about women’s and mother’s voices regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, creator of photography exhibitions and installations about the value and status of mothers in society, a writer, visual performance lecturer, curator and advocate for gentle and ethical communication. Her projects act as an interface- or “multi-bridge” between academic knowledge, art, and contemporary activism. “Walking the Talk in my everyday life is the challenge”. She lives in Israel with her partner, two children and three cats.

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