background thoughts: G… G & G





The idea of Klupko started with a very short observation, or a kind of basic thread:

In a scene nothing happens: events happen. The things for us take place in between scenes.

For now, these ‘things in between’ we retraced in the domestic space of a house, or a room. Situations are recreated in which daily life, hospitality and art practice are intertwined. Domestic dominion is hereby temporarily abdicated to make room for guests, those elusive beings who come between us.


Both, ghosts and guests prefer to appear in a domestic setting. Guests, unlike ghosts, could evolve from being strangers into the inner circle of the hosting community. And ghosts, they remain haunting from a distance. Be it ghosts or guests, our substance in between the scenes is mediating and maintaining ‘us’. In a follow up thread Klupko’s ghost-guest writer adds:

It is on the occasion of other that “I” catch sight of “me”; or “we” catch sight of “us”.


Garden is the opening of domestic space to the outside. It is a regulated territory wherein constant negotiation between humans and non-humans: plants, bugs, birds, and other species and things happen. The garden is a rich metaphor that (re)connects many domains of social life. For instance, activities in an artist studio resemble the process of gardening, a micro environment of heterogeneous elements involved in growing an art practice.

This summer we took books from Klupko’s bookshelves to share and/or plant during our outside gathering: find us at the garden.

Back at home

We are redirecting now to the house as the place of Klupko’s new encounters. This move is worded by our community member Maurizio Buquicchio:

Klupko follows a thread, whose fibers are held together by the choice, or the necessity of re-imagining cultural practice in a transitional work-life environment and an intuitive interpersonal dialectic.

Some further context is to be found in the pilot booklets that document each of the previous Klupko episodes.


Klupko’s hosting team: Go-Eun & Igor