23rd October: Guests, Ghosts & Gardening – Part2 @ Goleb PS

Afternoon entangling previous five encounters of klupko room(s) & daily art situations


4.00 doors open

4.30 start


– Go-Eun & Igor: introducuing Klupko – idea of entanglement and a few threads

– Go-Eun & Igor: interrelating the first encounters – k.g. Guttman‘s Surface Rising

belit sağ talk on images of violence and violence of images
The daily papers talk of everything except the daily, G. Perec


smokers break


– Go-Eun & Igor introducing the exhibition: The Incomplete Contents of Table 
& the film fragment from: Je, tu, il, elleChantal Akerman emties her room

Lore Gablier contextulises / add on the screening with Maurizio Buquicchio:
Time Dispossessed: C.A.

– Igor Sevcuk introducing his mom at her room in Banja Luka:
notes on landscape (or a land)

– Goeun & Igor: the context of the exhibition
rootprints with Mahmoud Bakhshi & Christine Moldrickx

Laura Wiedijk‘s performance:
Mysteries, Accidents and Hard Work in the Field (Part 2)


non smokers break + soup for all


– Slide-show of Marianna Maruyama‘s gardening performance:
GG and five fingers

– Talk with Lisa Smithson followed by Go-Eun Im‘s essay:
in the garden of our thought-fantasies-desires… (ghosting with Helene Cixous too)

– Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio‘s performative-communal intervention with
improvised shelters, symbolic homes, childhood, and overcoming of hauntings
in relation to: Colonics at the Gate of Dreaming, the sculpture @ the Klupko’s exhibition


from 7.30 talks, drinks, etc.