Guests, Ghosts & Gardening

belit sağ – video still from “Sept. – Oct. 2015, Cizre”, 2015


The series of encounters Guests, Ghosts & Gardening will open on October 1st with the exhibition at Klupko’s current homey setting. The title derives from the five previous encounters that took place in between scenes. They involved re-staging the intimate core of hosted art practices.

Klupko’s new encounters are now continuing its politics of hospitality and gentle slowing down for the general public too. Six artists will come together to interrelate their experiences of everyday echoing the outside world and its histories. belit sağ will join us with her essayist approach towards politics and poetics of media images, as well as sites of daily life excluded by the same media. She also invited Mehraneh Atashi‘s investigations of entangled life in which personal micro cosmos concur to the shaping of reality, changing the past and the memory. Our close neighbors and friends will contribute as well: Lisa Smithson will show a few gardening drawings, while Laura Wiedijk is tuning pareidolia of white noise and flower whispers. Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio will bring in a sculptural intervention dealing with how we construct shelters and symbolic homes during childhood, and how playfulness can be applied to overcome fears and hauntings.

As a follow up, on October 14th, a performance with belit sağ will take place in the Klupko house. Soon after, on October 16th, Marianna Maruyama will perform a gardening intervention in the nearby gravel lot.
All artists will re-join with Klupko hosts Go-Eun Im and Igor Sevcuk, together with Ana Nikitovic, Lore Gablier and other guests for additional talks, screenings and performances planned on October 23rd @ Goleb.

We very much look forward to welcoming you on this occasion of Klupko – room(s) & daily art situations:

Sutarday, 1 October, 5-9pm – Guests, Ghosts & Gardening @ Da Costastraat 37-I, Amsterdam

Exhibition dates:
2 Oct – 6 Nov, Friday through Sunday, 2-6pm

Postponed – belit sağ‘s performance @ Da Costastraat 37-I, Amsterdam
Sunday, 16 October, 8am – Marianna Maruyama @ Elandsgracht 150, Amsterdam

Talks, viewings & performances:
Sunday, 23 October, 4-6pm @ Goleb, Burg. de Vlugtlaan 125, Amsterdam
Marianna, Teresa, Laura, belit, Go-Eun, Igor, Ana, Lore, & other guests


some background thoughts: G… G & G


Mehraneh Atashi – “Flowers”, 2010 c-print, 30×30


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